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At Espiritu Design Studio we choose to work on projects with clients and projects that we support whole-heartedly. Our philosophy is that design thinking is multi-disciplinary and working on a variety of design projects keeps our creative minds expanding, sharp and attentive. Our interest lies in understanding each client's needs, crafting elegant solutions and each day we strive to exceed our own expectations, we invest our heart and mind and hands to each individual client's needs and it's not only a passion, it's a promise. Our lead Designer, Diane Espiritu is comfortable executing soft product design for Medical Assistive Devices as she is with conceiving custom porcelain dinnerware. We are advocates of design innovations in improving well being and bringing delight in everyday living.
If you are in need of design services, whether you are seasoned or new to purchasing design service, we are here to break down the process into steps that you understand knowing how your investment can benefit you and your company's vision. We invite you to be involved in the design process and we stand by open and honest communication is key to building our client relations and exceeding expectations keeps you referring to us for all your design needs.